The Sea of Glass*

John mentions the Sea of Glass in Revelation 4:6 and 15:2. It can be seen from the throne of God which was surrounded by 4 beasts: a lion, a calf, a face of a man and a flying eagle. This sea is described as glass like unto a crystal. This glass was glowing with fire and, standing beside the sea were those who had been victorious over the beast and its image and over the number of its name. They held harps given them by God. I can only imagine what that music would have sounded like. From my perspective I think of God’s mind as like a clear crystal. He is omnipresent and all things are present before His eyes so He has a perfectly “clear” view of all of us. When writing this music I envisioned a beautiful melancholy melody with a smooth “clear”-like harmonic texture. This melody further develops and reaches it’s fiery climax, depicting the fiery glow of the glass and celebrating the victor over the beast. The ending goes back to the A section from the beginning and concludes with the cascading call from the harp. The sounds from the orchestra come from the Garritan Instruments Sound Library used with Finale Notation Software.

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Oh yes, well done.
I’d love hear some Marimba or Chimes in there. But it is a very good and sad composition. The short elements at around 2:40 could be a bit louder in my opinion, so it would give a bit more movement towards the end.
At 3:24, you should a small pause, so that its more obvious, that a new part begins.
The final part is very good. I love the harp (although it sounds a bit flat) and that final high string.
Well done!
Keep going,

Sincerely yours,

Thanks for the reply! I’m new here so I’m trying to figure out how to post stuff here but I keep getting double screens with my texts. I like the idea of using chimes. Am I allowed to edit the music and add that in?

Welcome to the community Justin! :slight_smile:
Very minimal and interesting piece…to me it feels a bit mysterious and sad at the same time. I also hear a “glassy” vibe as the name suggest. Great job. And sure, if you want to edit and add a new version before the month has ended with added chimes you can do so. Simply change the soundcloud link to the new version.

PS. The double screen is easy once you get used to it. It simply shows the “final result” on the right side. And you write on the left side. So if you attach images you will not see them in the left side for example.

Great foundation. I think it almost has a fantasy-like vibe to it. I think having more separation (panning) on the instruments would bring this even more to life. Also, if you can bring in some celeste arpeggios at some points.

It actually is brining me more hope/inspiration than sadness. Great piece though. Thanks for sharing!

You certainly have achieved your vision of a beautiful melancholy melody. The music has a haunting feeling. Very well done.

Thank you!

Your song is an interesting idea. All the harmony and counter melodies are well. Your composition is good. :ok_hand:
But I find two main problems.
For me, it is not a sad song, maybe mysterious, magical,…
The sound in general is very “computer”. And the instruments are not too convincent. Perhaps the libraries chosen or the way they are mixed.