"The Saddest" Marcus Manderson Sad Music Contest Entry

I actually didn’t plan on entering this contest.

Then, after seeing all of the incredible tributes to Chadwick Boseman, I decided to enter.

Created in Logic Pro X using the sounds below (only Spitfire Audio LABS sounds) while watching Chadwick Boseman highlights…

#RIPChadwickBoseman #BlackPanther

#logicprox #logicpro #spitfireaudio #spitfireaudiolabs

Soft Piano



Moon Guitar


Tundra Atmos

Music Box

Trumpet Fields


Synth Pads

Amplified Cello Quartet


Wonderful tribute! Very sad and moving!

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Thank you for checking it out!

I am so pleased that yo decided to enter. This is a beautiful composition.
Very well done.

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Thank you, Keith. I am usually on top of things like this and try to enter as soon as possible. I think the hesitation on this one allowed me to tap into some of the sadness of things happening in the world, especially over the last week. Thank you again!

Marcus - fantastic. Some lovely dissonance and I appreciate that you held back to keep a subdued tone. It might have ben nice to hear that raw trumpet sound featured, more exposed and verbed out to give a vulnerable sound. Just a thought.


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Good idea. I’ve been looking at Acoustic Shadows (Spitfire Audio) which has some incredible verbed out horn sounds (recorded in a large tunnel I believe). I may look into more thanks to your suggestion. Thank you again!

I haven’t heard that library, but sounds like it would be perfect for this type of sound. In addition to being a solo instrument, the trumpet (and flugelhorn) can be a wonderful instrument and color for soft pads.

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btw - I dig your virtual hymn posted on your YT channel. Do you post those regularly?

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Thanks! Yep…every Sunday. I am a musician (piano and Hammond) at my church and would go live every Sunday from service. Since church has been shut down since mid-March, I share a “virtual” hymn or Gospel/Christian song every Sunday. Thanks for checking it out!

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Also…here is the Acoustic Shadows (I’m a fan of the Spitfire Audio brand; they have a lot of free stuff and $29, and more expensive stuff. LOL. I am the low end right now): https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/lea-bertucci-acoustic-shadows/

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Thanks. I’ve been a big fan of SA although I’m not buying anymore Kontakt libraries these days. I’ve been writing using only StaffPad since April.

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That’s dope! I don’t have any Spitfire Kontakt libraries. Most of their new stuff (maybe over the last year or 2) has been using their own interface (which I like better than Kontakt).

If you are familiar with the free LABS stuff, their $29 series (SA, and Originals series) uses that same interface. You can also get BBC SO Discover for free (full orchestra, but with limited articulations) if you do a survey and wait 2 weeks. (Disclaimer: I do not own any Spitfire Audio stock. LOL)…

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Hey Marcus. I love your piece. It is an intimate approach to sadness, without drama. For me, the separation of instruments in stereo and in frequencies (high and lows but few mid) has result a little bit tiring. I strongly believe that a tumpet jazzy solo, will cover this mid ranges and add some power to the center of the song. But your idea is great and beautiful.

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@VSHDEL Thank you! I like the trumpet/horn solo idea. I could also turn up the horns that are in there. Thanks for checking it out!

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This is great Marcus! It really gave me that sad and tragic feel and is a good tribute. I found that the really subdued instrumentation works well for this, although I agree with @brandowalk that it might have worked well and really brought out the emotion to have the trumpet come out a bit more with a sad solo bit. Otherwise, well done!

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Definitely. I need explore solo horns more. Thank you for sharing your feedback!