The NEW Bamboo Stick Ensemble 3.0: Epic Bamboo Percussion w/ Intro Offer

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From epic war percussion to haunting drones, screeches, and nightmarish horn-like wails, Bamboo Stick Ensemble is truly a sonic force to be reckoned with. This version 3.0 upgrade takes the sounds of [ Bamboo Stick Ensemble to uncharted grounds with a packed arsenal of powerful sound shaping controls, user interface and much more.

Bamboo Stick Ensemble is a classic scoring percussion library that has been featured in a number of major motion pictures like Tron Legacy and Avatar. This upgrade also comes with 20 custom sound-designed factory presets to help inspire your next film/video score.

You can purchase Bamboo Stick Ensemble on sale now for only $29 (MSRP $39) Hurry, sale ends September 18th!

Watch videos of Bamboo Stick Ensemble below

Listen to demos of Bamboo Stick Ensemble on Soundcloud


I love libraries like this! These types of interesting sounds add so much more to a score than “standard” instruments :slight_smile:

Really enjoy the work you’re doing at Soundiron. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Jonny! We’re glad to hear it. There’s so many interesting sounds worth sampling and can really take a score in a whole new direction.

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