The Land Of Gnomes - Fantasy music contest

I finally finished my soundtrack!!
I think about a gnome village in an illusion arabian world. I want to create an ethereal melody working on some answer and response from the instruments.
I try to create a funny music for a video game thinking to characters as gnomes.

It’s in time signature 3/4
I work on the chord progression D - A / C on the main theme at the begining creating variations.
Then I change on Bb - C and then I reuse the progression D - A / C and finishing with Bb - C - D.
In the bridge I try to joke with some instrument as gnomes does.

I hope you enjoy it.


Super gnomey, chilled and cheeky. Great job! :smiley:

Roberto - I think you really got the theme and style requirements right for this. Light-hearted, dreamy and magical. Great job!


Thanks Brandon !!
the word light-hearted is exactly what I wanted to do.

Thanks Chris !!

I like it! Very fun, playful, and magical.

Nice and peacefull. Perfect for the contest requirements and really right for a game soundtrack; not tiring, good for background, loopable.
It fits in all parameters :+1: :+1: :+1: GOOD JOB

This is fun and still very evocative of the fantasy mood. Exploring the use of exotic scales more extensively would really knock this one to an even higher level. You hinted at unique harmonies and more chromatic melodies but continuing to get outside the box would create an even more interesting fantasy tune and give those Gnomes an intriguing musical personality. Nice Job!!!

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Thanks Suzamme for your encouraging words
I have recently started to better study modal harmonies and to use them to express emotions different from the usual ones. The journey has just begun but I will continue it for sure. Obviously music is not just theory but also emotions and putting these two things together is based on experience, which I can only do by composing.
I will follow your advice and try to get outside the box more in the next compositions.

Thank you very much

Wow! That was great Roberto! Not much else to say. It really fit the dreamy fantasy vibe perfectly. Arabian gnomes though, that’s a real interesting image! :thinking:

Yes Matt, I apply the world “fantasy” not only to the music, but also to the scene :rofl:

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