The importance of mapping out CCs

Hey peeps, recently been reconfiguring my midi interface so that it controls all the parameters that I want it to.

So far I’ve mapped
Mic positions
synth parameters such as cut off etc
Mapped drum pads to C-2/G-2 for k/s
Verb volume to knobs.

Are there any others that you guys think are important to add? Up until now I’ve just assigned them every time I open a project but seeing as my interface supports 30 different banks of programmable content I thought it was a good idea to make use of it, and it’s going great.

Excited to hear your ideas.

Perhaps one for the internal Reverb of Orchestral Sample libraries? Or do you always turn that off?


That’s the verb that I’ve got mapped now. Usually I do use this reverb at the start of pieces as that’s when I use smaller ensembles before I start to blend libraries together for a bigger sound.

I have a load of rotary knobs that aren’t assigned to anything. Along with some buttons that can be used to turn things on or off. No idea what I’ll add though atm! :sweat_smile: