The hallucinating mountains

hello all
here is my last composition for the noctaventures challenges number 205
the theme was : the hallucinating mountain : the descent

the question is how to describe that in music ? very hard ?
my track has been composed and mixed in 8 hours
after a long time of thinking on how to compoe this track, i decide to sit in front off my piano, press record in my daw and let’s play a feeling track inspired by strange frozen moutains
i have recorded in one shot the piano track
then i have added some strange percussion made by a prepared piano, some dissonance, harmonic, strange percussions and etheral voices
now just listen to this strange composition about strange mountains

as regards the instruments :
piano, string, percussion , piano prepared, etheral voices, brass ensemble (just for the end)
a little reverb on percussion


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This track reminds me of the snowy mountain scenes in the, “Twilight”, movie series. Mysterious, but not ominous. A lone hiker, walking and climbing up the mountains during snowfall. I like it very much.

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