The Galaxies: Music & Astrophotography by Jerry Gerber

Soundtrack to my astrophotography

Creative Vision for the Track:
To give others a sense of the mystery, majesty, beauty and miraculousness of the cosmos

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
No one tempo, no one key, more contrapuntal than harmonic

Main Instruments used:
Vienna Symphonic Library


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Thank you for posting your music and photography Jerry! I enjoyed the journey both musically and visually, You are a talented composer. Congrats on a job well done!

Thanks Mark for watching, glad you enjoyed it!

Wow Jerry, great job!

Thanks Rafael! Glad you enjoyed it.

Hi Jerry- Both your photography and music are astounding. So beautiful and difficult to put into words. You have captured something majestic here. You keep expanding your work.
This level of consciousness makes one see the pettiness of conflicts and disagreements here on earth. There is such peace and beauty out there, and you are in touch with it through both of your art forms, old and new converging. Thanks for sharing your profound gifts with all of us. Keep going.

Thank you Dori, I am pleased that you found the music video inspiring!


Hi Jerry- where can I find out more about how you actually do astrophotography. On your website? How creative that you can combine your artistic and scientific interests, and then add music.

Hi Dori,

I image from my backyard in San Francisco using a 100mm refractor telescope that has an specialized astronomical camera attached (and a filter to mitigate the effects of urban light pollution). The camera and mount are controlled by computer, a dedicated astronomical computer which communicates with a standard Android tablet. It’s a very complex process, it takes several to many hours to get one image and that is done by combining many 3-5 minute exposures (sometimes hundreds) into one image. It has to be done this way because we’re dealing with objects that are so faint and so far away. After the images are combined into one image, there’s quite a bit of post-processing to be done to bring out the color, detail, etc. It’s a long process but I find every step very enjoyable and challenging. I am hoping to spend the next several years creating more astronomical music videos. I attached an image of how I get these images, thanks for asking!


Thanks so much, Jerry, for taking the time to explain this precise process! Have you thought of accompanying a group of images with your Oboe Concerto, 2nd.Movement? I think that combination would take one’s breath away. Looking forward to your next posting. Keep going!

I sure have! I have a list of about 9 pieces, or movements from various symphonies I’ve produced, that are going to become the soundtrack for new astro images. The slow movement to my oboe concerto is among them. It will take me some time to get new images, the rain in San Francisco has been constant for months, so I haven’t been able to get outside. Last night was the first night I was able to get my telescope outside to image in about a month.