The Family Room on Christmas Eve

I wrote and recorded this new piece for Christmas and want to wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas. Peace, comfort, and joy to you and your family for the holidays and into next year.


Peaceful and calming.

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Thank you . . .

I really like the sound, and it feels very Christmassy with the bells, and I like the cello introduction. If I could have one idea, it would be for the flute to have more dynamics, to make it sound like a real flute (your VST seems pretty good which one is it?). Happy new year !

Thank you . . . Finding a paid gig with a budget for orchestrators, live players, and studio session time is extremely rare these days for movies, TV, and audio books. And even if they have a budget, it’s usually for three smaller sessions (woodwinds, brass, and strings) for the purpose of merging those tracks with the MIDI mockup. Anne-Kathrin Dern has a great video explaining this new trend (How Film Scores Are Recorded - YouTube). I prefer using the BBC Symphony Orchestra Professional library by Spitfire ( supplemented with Cinesamples (Cinesamples | Products).