The chamber of secrets

I have done a cover and arrangement in my personal of the orchester work
The chamber of secrets by John Williams.

Genre/Style: It is an orchester piece. It is bit of fantasy and surreal

Creative Vision for the Track: I want to learn by doing this how I can orchestrate a work.
I have made some changes.
The Horn theme is not original.
The key signature is origianl - it is c minor and 12/8
Violin section was new arranged by myself
Windwood section is very different. I do not use John Williams clarinets ostinato.
I left the celesta part with chords like cmj7.
I did many things differently so that you can only guess it is the chamber of secrets.

Main Instruments used: Cinematic studio strings, metropolis 2,Novo, Forzo, True Strikes,
Spitfire audio Solo Violin, Jaeger Horns, spitfire audio Woodwinds, Vibraphone by 8Dio, Trompets by 8Dio