That Meeting on Stage

Here is a sample from my new film cue set for the genre of drama, available at Pond5 ( and Songtradr (

Very interested to know what sort of returns you get from Pond5. I have over 500 tracks with them and sales trickle in. I see you have a lot of tracks for sale at £5.00 - is that really worth it given you get 40% of that in a sale?

Hi Andrew,

I let Pond5 decide the pricing . . . I do the same at Songtradr . . .

Does that low price produce a lot of sales? I know that’s the theory but have never seen proof. I’ve never sold a track that cheaply.

To be honest . . . I don’t pay much attention to it. I pay more attention to the piano lessons I teach online ( It’s ad revenue supported and does much better at generating income than selling tracks online.