Testing the waters - midi tracks and stems for learning

Hey everyone.

So I’m trying to come up with ways that I can best serve you fellow composers. As you might already know, I provide original and detailed kontakt instruments that are affordable, but I’m also aware that I could be doing much more to help you in terms of what I can provide.

So I’ve had an idea that I want to put to you to see if this would benefit you.

My idea is this. That o provide a patreon service where you can subscribe for just a few pounds per month. In return you will get access to three things.

  1. Midi stems for one track I’ve wrote
  2. All track stems that you can load into your DAW and analyse to see what I’ve done in my mixing and composition process.
  3. Screenshots of the key mixing decisions with some notes on how I approached creating and mixing the track.

I’m aware that not everyone can afford to pay hundreds of pounds on an online course, so this is the best way I know how that I can provide value in helping you progress.

Also, if anyone would also like I may include an additional tier where that you can opt into where I review your track and send you detailed notes.

This is me just testing the waters really, so I’d love to hear what you all think… and more importantly, what services you are after. Wether that be “how to” books and YouTube videos, one to one mentorships, peripatetic teaching over zoom etc. I’d love to know!

Hope your alright @Geoffers
Have you considered doing a Youtube livestream with your tips and tricks?

And to you other struggling composer in this forum, check out @Geoffers articles they are a perfect help and source of information.

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Youtube is one area I’m already starting to explore. The thing with tips and tricks are they are great for beginners, but after a few months you need something tangible to learn from, which is why I’ve come up with this concept. Thank you for your kind word man! I’ve missed our chats!

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I understand that in depth are little more than just tips and tricks. My only thought with Livestream was that it´s one of the few times where you could have several people asking you questions simultaneously.
I´ve not had much time for composing lately but soon I´ll be back. Thinking of a contribution to the Sad contest.

Have you been making libraries? Are they on your website?


Yes that’s a good point and one well with exploring. Perhaps twitch might be the place to look into this venture? It seems the most popular streaming site for live??

Yes I have three out at the moment. They’re all on my Gumroad account and my social media. Though I can inbox you them if you’d like to check them out :slight_smile:

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Please do of course I’ll take a look. Just found your video over violin swells.

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I have just signed up to Twitch.Tv.

This seems to be the best place for me to do this sort of thing. Perhaps I can create tracks on live streaming sites like @Fredrik suggested me doing, but on twitch as it’s a more stable site for live streaming, and combine this with my patreon where viewers can opt to get the stems for this too?



Daniel James became famous by doing his composing live streams on Twitch. Famous in our niche that is. :slight_smile:

I also know several of the YouTube composers seem to prefer streaming on Twitch, like Alex Pfeffer etc. So it does seem like a good place to start. :slight_smile:


This has been my thoughts too. simply because people are notified qhen your due a live strem. its subscription based which means the artist is subsodised for their time, you build a community, yout streaming key is loadable into your software so its so much easier to do. Especially with OBS.

I think that people do need to be aware that not all content can be free. its simply not possible. we burn out if we give that much away, both financially and physically… I love teaching and helping people along the way but this is something that im just now realising. if i want to continue to help people then there does need to be some sort of two way about it… at least in part. what do you think @Mikael?

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Regarding your second paragraph. This is exactly the thing that makes me feel burned out on YouTube after 9 years of hard work. Giving for free, again and again and again, and not getting hardly any return from it. I mean, I did not start making money until I started to create paid courses on Udemy. Sadly, most people have no idea that a 10 minute YouTube video takes around 5 hours of work from start to finish. This is why I am burned out, and asked questions on how can I get 100.000 views per video instead of 700-800 views. Otherwise I just should focus on courses, where people actually pay for the content, even if it’s not much it is way way more than I can ever get from YouTube. :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly Mikael, and I hope people read this and start to understand. It’s a really hard thing to keep something like this going. Ofcourse we WANT it to be free because we care about eachother and WANT to see eachother grow and succeed… but there has to be a way that we can make some kind of living from this. Wether it be from YouTube, courses, affiliates etc. It’s just not sustainable if we don’t have some source of income that doesn’t tie our hands when it comes to time.