Terminated (Trailer Sound Design)

Hello Wonderful Composers!
Would like to show you something unique I created today.
I’ve been composing trailer music for several years so composed many tracks but this one is very unique because I created first of all my custom sound design sounds and only then used them in my new trailer cue which is called “Terminated”:

Technical insight:
I used Generdyn sample pack from Audio Imperia as inspiration, so I created several folders like: Braams, drones, booms, hits and so on.
Then I used Izotope Iris 2 for creating my own sounds. I created Braams using Brass sounds from CineBrass and Metropolis Ark 1 libraries, also I used some Brass from Logic stock instruments. Plus I blended Orchestral Brass with Synth Brass and Synth Electric Guitars.
To make all sounds in tune I used only one note for all sounds is “D”.
Then I used Iris 2 for layering Brass , because there are you can created 4 layers for any instrument/ sound you are working on.
So I used 4 layers to create custom Braams.
Then I used additional plugins like Distortion, Saturation, reverb, compressor and Eq.

Distortion, Saturation, Reverb, Compressor and Eq I used for all of my sounds with different settings of course.

For creating Pulses I used Logic Pro X stock ARP, and Iris 2.

Also I created some signature sounds to make this track more unique.

Tempo is 120 BPM.

Maybe it’s not the best trailer cue but I spent a week to create 91 custom sound design sounds. And really like the final result because now when track is done and sent to a trailer publisher I’m inspired even more working on the net custom cue.
Because my dream is to get just one placement in a trailer campaign so I’ll be working even harder now to deserve it. :slight_smile:


Wha? wheres the cowbell ?
i keed , I keed…

Though Im not really writing for that genre, as a listener, sounds great… But as a muso, I wanted a bit more frenetic perc to ramp up for a bit more dynamics… Mid range smack…

But good stuff.

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Nice! Keep it up! I’m always enjoyed hearing originally created sounds, and as an Iris user I really dig it!

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I have the same dreams to get my trailer music published. Love that you made your own sounds. Interesting track. I think it peaked too early in the middle with all the hits. Save them for the grand finale section, otherwise it doesn’t have quite the impact :slight_smile:

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