Tape Saturation Plugin for Mixing Groups + Mastering Chain

I am looking for a really high quality tape saturation plugin, that can both add nice coloration, but also tame the harsh highs. I checked out u-he Satin, does anyone have this plugin and can tell me if it’s really good?

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I really like Hornet’s tape plugin - on sale at moment - Not as many bells n whistles as Satin but if your wanting a vintage tape sound its great on buses or your master channel. A lot cheaper as well.

Works wonders on synthwave tracks but I’ve used it for a lot of my tracks - very natural sounding tape emulation.


Don’t know the Satin, however I love the Softube’s “Tape”. It includes 3 tape-machines, you have the option to change the “speed”, EQ high-end, use noise, parallel Mix-Knob…all in one it’s a superb and easy to use plugin! If you wait, it’s possible to get it for around 50$-60$.

Hornet Tape does work as well, and is much cheaper, however I didn’t use it much.


I’m Softube Tape user. I like it. It has a high-frequency knob, so you can additionally tame harsh-brightness, but you can also add soft and pleasant brightness and air to sounds that need it.

Just wondering has anybody tried Wave Factory Cassette?

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Just got it, and it is now confirmed as a prize in the dark cinematic music contest ! :smiley:

It’s not like a classic tape saturation plug-in, which of course is studio quality. This plug-in is more gritty, and actually works great for tension.

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Although I often use Soft tube tape machine, there is an other one I would suggest to you. Try slate -digital Tape and next one and great is Universal Audio.

Klaus Ferretti

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Cool, thanks will check those out. Still I would have hoped someone in here used Satin, as u-he makes amazing synthesizers that are very popular.