Take stress off my hips and lower back which hurts at times

Hi all it been a while

Hi in my 50’s and sitting on chair for a few hours on computer been learning Logic
any ways
I am looking for a some kind of cushion Or some kind of support I can use or place on my chair to take the stress off my hips and lower back ?

Does anyone else have this problem ?

Hi Brian,

I’d thoroughly recommend a chair with a mesh bottom. I had really bad pain in my lower back and coccyx and a mesh bottom chair has made a huge difference to me. My particular one is a Herman Miller Aeron, which are quite pricey but you can pick up used ones (ebay) for a reasonable price. Its one of the best investments I’ve made though.

Another option would be a sit stand adjustable desk.

A low cost option would be something like a coccyx support cushion (loads on amazon) but I’ve found these don’t make a huge difference.

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Ironically, the only lower back problem I have is when standing up or walking for extended periods of time - like full day events and the like. Always had that, for as long as I can remember. o.O

Some people get lower back pain from sitting the way people usually do in a chain - that is, with a curved back, supported by the chain in the mid region. General recommendation is to sit straight, as if (or actually) not using the chair back at all, even when actually using the back rest. The chair needs to fit rather well for that to work properly, which is the motivation behind the ludicrous amount of adjustments on quality office chairs.

Haven’t really any lower back problems from sitting down myself, but for various other reasons, I replaced my office chair with a piano bench. (Lack of space, and an office chair is not great for piano or cello playing, so… priorities. :smiley: ) So, I literally have to sit straight, for obvious reason. Either way, still not having any problems, so at least, it doesn’t seem worse than an office chair.


I also have back pain. moved from a gaming chair which was really great to lounging, but obviously not the best for long hours. so ive got a 250 pound chair loaned to me which was just as bad at first. then I got the ajustments right and its amazing… however, this is a mesh design that is actually really good.

As a counter argument to this, my fffiancee has a £60 amazon chair that is very girly looking but honestly the most comfortable chair ive evr sat in. they do it in Grewy which is a bit less girly. to be honest I can live with it looking a tad feminine if it does my back good. so that’s probably what ill be getting when I have to buy again.

alternatively, id also suggest going to the gym. within 3 weeks of doing back excercises with wights the little pain I had left disappeared… so its obviously been related to me not having a strong enough back… my postures changed since too, which supports what @olofson is suggesting. if anyone wants a link to the chair my other half is using I can supply it :smiley: its not too girly looking but the way I see it is its the most comfortable chair that ive tried and its in most peoples budgets for a simple desk chair.


Well i,ve been having back problems for a long while. First, consider that what is good for one can be bad for any other. Every back and habbits are different, so unfortunatelly, everybody needs to find his own way. Try and try untill you find your option. What i can tell you is that making a simple routine of core muscles reinforcement made the difference for me.


I love how this has turned into a counselling/therapy session :joy:


Maybe if we spend less time in front of the daw and more in the gym it would solve the problem. NO, NO, NO I take that back. :blush:


:joy::joy::joy: no take backs @Fredrik :wink:


Ya back pain is no fun
about core exercises which ones do you recommend that can help ?

I was going to our apartment little gym but because c19 it off limits now

So all I have is a floor mat and I try to do planks

and walking around our apartment with mask :mask:

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Sorry to hear about your back pain
Lol :joy: what the link for this chair ?

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David great idea about stand up desk unfortunately do not the room here and they are very expensive but I can see how that can help
Maybe when we someday that go from apartment life to a house :house::wink:

Will that would be a great option to try but finance will not allow that price range
man that looks like a really nice chair though

Here’s the link to the girly chair, for your entertainment :wink: it’s not too girly… but the other half has the purple version which does make it quite :dancer:

White Desk Chair,Leather Executive Chair with Mid Back Adjustable Height Computer Chair Comfy Padded Office Chair Swivel Chair,Home/Office Furniture https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B087262YC8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_obmWFbRNVHF9X

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Well, Brian. I’m using this exercises. 10 mins, every morning, and I felt the results in 3 or 4 days.

I hope it work for you. :+1:

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Or this exercise 


Hey. This exercise is in my routine, but the problem could be that i bend more than 97degrees. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thank You Sir I will try these and add as I can the side plank one is what I try to aim for each day

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