Take me to the next level on YouTube

Need some support to take my YouTube channel to the next level. You are very welcome to subscribe to my channel.
If you want me to subscribe to your channel, you can announce in the comments field that you are subscribing and add a link and I will subscribe to your channel.


Thanks in advance!


i subscribed, it would be nice if you add me too:

Thank you,

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Thank You!
I’ve subscribed to your channel too. :slight_smile:

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Remember guys, sub for sub is actually hurting your YouTube channel. YouTube algorithms look for average view time per subscriber and per video and stuff like that. :slight_smile:


Thanks Mikael!
I’m watching now. I don’t think a few more subscriber’s will hurt the channel but I got your point. :slight_smile:

I would be honoured to follow your channel!

Here’s my channel also :slight_smile: as I’m doing the same as you right now.


Great point @Mikael I’ll be watching the channels I subscribe to though so all is good. :slight_smile:

Thanks Geoffrey!

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Thank you @Geoffers


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It will be awesome to watch your uploads as they happen! :smiley:

I will release my next video on Tuesday morning, ha ha
It’s good to have a weekly plan I guess

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Yeah it reps things consistent. My next one will be out tonight. And the next one on Sunday. After that I hope to do them every Sunday.

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did your first tutorial video had significant rise of views, since it was a “how to” video, and not a music video?

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Not really, it’s got about the same amount of views as the one before it had… o know with How to videos my plan is to build a community of people who I can share things with so that we all together grow. But over a week I gwtgered 88 views, so not a huge amount… but as part of that I also gained 5 followers which was a lovely feeling. So there’s definitely growth there. :slight_smile:

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Hi there

I have subscribed to your channel as you have some good content. Hopefully you will find my channel of use https://www.youtube.com/c/neilspencerbruce

One way that I find you gain more subscribers (and views) is actively commenting on other people videos and engaging the channel owners in conversation.

Hope that helps.



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Thanks Neil, and thanks for the tip.
Yes I’m doing that but no spamming. Once or twice a week I leave some comment on videos I’ve watched. :-).

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I’ve subscribed to your channel. Very nice and tranquil content…I absolutely like the peaceful flow of the piano parts!

My YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIf0wpAVxNGRv3vV4yowOjQ


Thank you Hans! :slight_smile:
Glad you like it.
Sub returned.
Cool videos you make. I’m gonna take a look at Staella and LumaFusion. maybe could work with my video footage too.

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Hey Hans,
you have a lovely channel. I love the artworks in the videos. Did u made them?

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Nice to hear that you liked my videos…that gives me more energy to continue with it!

LumaFusion and Stealla apps are great apps to use when you want to do some video creating on your iPad. In fact, I’m using these apps most of the time when making the video part of my music videos.

Thank you!

I’ve made most of the artwork myself…sometimes it’s a creation from scratch, but I also like photography and use my photos to modify them in a way it will match the mood of the music in the video :smirk:

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