Synth Video: Arturia Synclavier - Secretly Awesome?

I recently re-discovered this synth, and it really surprised me. I thought it’s worth showing and reminding others so hopefully it can jog some fresh and fun ideas for everyone. If you used it recently let us know what you used it on, and what you generally like to use this for!

I personally think it’s great for unique contrasting textures and chaos in pads. The FM Modulation knob can be quite rich and interesting to use, as opposed to the filter cutoff on a subtractive synth. It seems like quite a good synth for soundtrack and storytelling too.


Hello…I am thinking about buying the Synclavier V synth from Arturia yet I am contemplating whether I will think that its repetitive. I as of now own Logic Pro’s Alchemy (both added substance blend and resynthesis) and Reaktor Razor (crossover added substance) synths, just as a Kawai K5000W (added substance synth). Aside from its specific interface, is there any usefulness in Synclavier V that I don’t as of now have pretty much secured?

It definitely covers different ground to the synths you’re listing. It has a very unique role. I would try a demo if possible to get a feel for if it is the right fit for you!

Synclavier is an additive synth, so most of the dramatic modulation comes from adding harmonics, and chorus / voice doubling. Good luck!