Symphony #10, 4th movement

This movement is the last of four of my 10th symphony for the virtual orchestra. It appears on my album Earth Music, available for purchase on my site.

It’s composed in 9/4 and is essentially a passacaglia, only not quite in a minor mode. It was produced with the Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestral Cube and software synthesizers Dune, Massive, Z3TA and the Yamaha MODX-6 synthesizer. I included the score for those who are interested.



Really enjoyed it Jerry. The intro felt a bit like something by Camille Saint-Saëns, who is one of my favorite composers. As always, adding the synth parts gives it a bit of surprise but interest.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for listening, much appreciated!

Wow! I bookmarked it. That’s amazing Jerry! What strikes me is it’s accessibility amidst the complexity. I did not have to work to immediately like it. I’m extremely impressed and inspired!

Thanks Ameer, I am glad you figured out how to hear it!


For this one I just pressed the play button and it played. I did the same on the other, but nothing happened when I pressed play for that one. The players looked different so not sure if there’s a plugin issue or why nothing happened, but this player worked fine. Computers!

Again, really impressive. Lots of interest and surprises. Somehow your virtual instruments sounded much better here (than in the Adagio I just listened to).
The mix with the synths worked really well.

An exciting piece. Well done.

Thanks Mark for taking the time to listen and comment, much appreciated!