SWAM Solo Brass (Review)

Watch my Review and Demo of SWAM Solo Brass by Audio Modeling. In short, I am a huge fan of modeled instruments due to their playability and expressiveness.

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Nice! Really liking the configurability here. How do you feel these compare (if you have/had them) to the previous version, SampleModeling Brass, and Infinite Brass?

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I actually did some comparisons between different brass libraries I own. Sample Modeling Brass was great when it came out. But it’s bone dry, and very tricky to mix. And frankly, SWAM Solo Brass is higher quality to my ears.

Infinite Brass gives you more of a “cinematic” sound, which takes me to the biggest draw back of SWAM Solo Brass. Like all 100% modeled instruments, they are very dry and upfront, and even with added early reflections and internal reverb + extra hall reverb as insert effect…somehow they are much harder to get to that orchestral setting sound.

The main advantage of SWAM Solo Brass, even vs Infinite Brass, is the extreme agility. I mean, it can even handle fast runs and passages with clarity.

However, let’s take a library like Forzo or CineBrass…even though they are sample libraries with key switches to change articulations (which I personally hate as everyone should know by now)…the main advantage is the excellent tone of the instruments themselves, and more importantly the room tone.

This “tone” aspect is still the main drawback of modeled instruments. I hope they add some kind of convolution “placement” effect in these instruments in the future to get rid of that “dry + wet” effect you get when you simply add on an extra external orchestral reverb.

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