Super Dry Percussive Sound Kit

I’m looking for a big collection of super dry percussive samples to make these kind of modern “commercial” percussive based tracks for licensing.

Examples: Snaps, Claps, Slaps, Clicks, Sticks, Rips, Crunch, Pop, Smack etc.

There are many percussion libraries, have you looked into Strikeforce by Laboratory Audio?

I’ve used it on a couple of TV and film projects and am pretty satisfied with the results.

For claps and snaps, check out:

  • Snap and Claps” by CineSamples (free library)
  • Snaps Claps Slaps Stomp & Shouts” by Red Room Audio
  • Spitfire had a library in their “Labs” collection called “Claps and Snaps” for Kontakt but I think they temporarily removed it when they decided to close labs down to use their own sampler (but you may own it already…?)

Other libraries that you might want to check out:

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Have most of those, and I am more looking for super dry (no reverb at all). Also a huge variation of sounds that are percussive, snaps and claps were just examples. I would like a collection of 1000s of super dry percussive sounds. I might need to start recording them myself.

Indeed, the good thing is that a lot of libraries have built-in reverb that could be turned off through the user interface.

Another alternative I would recommend checking is that was introduced in 2019 by Native Instruments.

It has a wide variety of sounds and instrument samples by JunkieXL:

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Hmm might be a solution. I am a bit careful though, since there was a lot of controversy of using samples from Splice (I don’t know if you read about it).

Yes, I read about the Justin Bieber vs Asher Monroe case, but that’s a complete loop with a distinct melody that has been used as is.

In your case, it’s short percussive sounds that you legally purchased with your own licence and you’ll likely pitch shift and/or layer them to give them more body and character making them barely recognizable, I wouldn’t worry at all :slight_smile:

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“Super dry” instantly made me think of Circle Sounds DEAD, but that’s mostly the usual drum kit, except with extremely dry setups and recording.

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