Summon The Tempest-Remix/Remaster

Hello all,
I’m looking for some feedback, if you would, on an older track of mine that I just remixed/remastered with some newer VSTs and mixing/mastering techniques I learned. It’s still not quite right, but I don’t think it’s too bad. One major problem is too much low end rumble that seems to be coming from the epic drum kit, or contra bass, or both. I’ve EQ’d it with a low cut of about 35Hz both within each individual track and on the master track, as well as dropped the low-mids gain, ~200-250Hz, by about 1Db, but still too much noise.

Also, I used Cinematic Studio Strings for this one, and am finding a lot of digital white noise on the contra bass that I can’t seen to get rid of. Any suggestions?

The style of this piece is epic dark fantasy action.

As I said, I used CSS and CS brass on this as well as Audio Imperia’s Nucleus for the low woodwinds. NI Action strikes for the epic percussion, ProjectSAM True Strike for the timpani and Rhapsody Orchestral Colors for the whispering voices.

Tempo is ~140bpm in 2/4 time in the key of B minor which modulates to F# minor.



Hey Matt I’m going to listen to this later in my studio so right now I have no feedback. But out of curiosity, are you using reference tracks when you mix and master?

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Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I use two apps from Mastering The Mix when mixing and mastering; Reference and Expose. Both basically give you the same information, LUFS, LUs, stereo correlation, with Reference giving you also low, mid and high peaks etc. and both have presets for mastering for YouTube/SoundCloud/Netflix/CD/TV.

With Expose, you just drag an mp3/AIFF file of your mix into the app and it analyzes your mix for those presets and shows you where in any specific part of your mix you may have a problem. Reference works by adding it at the very end of your master chain and adding an audio file of a track you want to reference and it shows your mix versus the reference track.

I only have a limited knowledge base on how to interpret and make adjustments to all of it, so sometimes it works, sometimes, like here, I can’t figure out what to do.

Thanks for the help!

Great track, maybe bring in the voices a bit later in or from the middle, they can be raised up in volume with some more reverb/panning. You can play the last chord a bit longer or extended it with some delay, the cymbals could be louder. Pretty much a very awesome track!

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Thanks Carl! I may try your suggestions with the voices. Maybe a little more reverb, but I still want it to sound like they’re chanting a magic spell!

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Hey Matt!

Really sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to you. I have some notes for you which I’m going to inbox you in the next half an hour :slight_smile:

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Hi Matt,

I like the tune itself and the way you’ve put it together but I think the mix could do with more presence in the low frequencies. Have you cut the low end a lot? Now the piece is more about mid frequencies. I’d also suggest listening to e.g. some Hans Zimmer tunes. Ofcourse it may not be easy to get similar tone and fullness of sound at a home studio.

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Thanks. Still working on the re-remix :sweat_smile: I thought it actually had too much low freq in the original, so it may indeed be too much mids at this point. I’m still trying to pinpoint what’s needed to smooth it all out; the epic drums and contra bassoon seem to be the big issues.

Ok, I think the strings especially would need some more low frequencies present. Also the drums could sound bigger and fuller.