Subway Man Trailer

Hi, Here is my submission for the Epic Trailer Music Contest.

Thank you for doing this. Putting this together really helped me see what I need to work on.



Great to see you join the contest Fran! :slight_smile:
I will listen to all entries at the end of the month. But I recommend you to go and listen to all entries now, since it is you (all members) that will vote with “hearts” on your favorites).

PS. Reminder - You must also be very active in the forum this month in order to have a chance to win, as one of the rules of the contest are:

  • Earn at least 25 hearts as a member in the community during September


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Hello Mikael,

I try to get in here to read when I can, so, not sure if I’ll make 25. The opportunity to write in that style is kind of a “win” already. Beyond the thematic material, I think my best lesson learned is how I should use reverb. The shorter notes; spic, pizz, etc need a much smaller tail or it sounds really muddy.




Hello Fran,
Yes, entering and finishing a track is a win on its own, I agree. But a big reason for starting this contest was also to fuel the engagement of this amazing community! :slight_smile:

Therefore I sent this same message to all participants, in order to make this intention more clear. I hope you do understand. My mission is to make this community as vibrant as possible. :slight_smile:


Me too, I have never done a trailer track, and it was really hard. But I like it, I hope it works on a real trailer too eheh


Fran really nice work on this I liked it a lot very good use of ambiance through out with a nice build and climax. The only thing I would change is the ending or outro just hit it harder for that epic feel to complete.

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Thank you Aaron. I was going for anti-climactic. It was Subwayman’s stop, so he wasn’t a superhero anymore. :slightly_smiling_face: