Submission for the Indie Film Music Contest

Hello everybody

I am not an expert in music for image . I must say that I am a lover of cinema and of course of music. With the piece I have tried to synchronize each action with some musical gesture.

I await your opinions and thank you for listening to my work

Genre/Style: music for picture

Creative Vision for the Track:
Koro: I wanted to start and finish with a bandoneon, since it is a typical instrument from Argentina accompanied by a syncopated pizz double bass
Oti: Exemplified by the flute / piccolo.
The moments of action I have tried to support him with the percussion and the most emotional moments with the violin first, piano, celesta

Composition Details : tempo 115 and 70

Main Instruments used: OT llibrary



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I think it is nothing short of excellent.

Thanks Harri!!

I think your work has many brilliant moments and to me the percussive, disconnected parts are technically well done and nicely fitting the action.

At the same time, at least for my personal taste, I feel an excess of “mickey-mousing” cliché here. Of course, in a mute, dynamic toon you naturally expect that typical approach but here I find it pretty invasive, with the orchestra often emphasizing every little character’s action. But, as I said, that could just be my personal taste, I would prefere a more sparse work, leaving the field to the sound design and outlining the key moments with the orchestra.

Other than that, the action moments look very well executed, except for a couple of moments (namely at 0:50 and especially at 1:42) with those extremely long orchestral sustains that doesn’t fit well with the action and also sound too “basic midi” (lack of dynamic changes, tremolo on the strings, etc.).

Another rather weak moment to me is the ending at the cliff with the piano solo part, that sounds rather basic compared to the lavish percussive parts, but again… my personal taste. :slight_smile:

Last but not least, I like very much the short bandoneon motif, with all the arsenal of strings pizzicato, clarinet, percussions and muted trumpets.

wow that is a great job, it match perfectly to the video

I must confess that it occurred to me too that maybe some of the action could be left ununderlined by the music.

Hi Riccardo,

I will correct everything you tell me, too bad I already submitted it to the contest but as soon as I finish I do it. thank you for your comments


Thanks Florent!!

thanks Harri you for your comments

What a lovely score you’ve made!
Perfect! :slight_smile:
Good luck!

Thanks Stephan!!!