String Instruments : The Complete Guide

Hey Composers!

A while ago I put together a pretty hefty article on the string section instruments.

It covers pretty much everything you need to know to be better prepared to write for strings - whether real or sampled - including the numbers you’d expect to see, how they’re built and create sound.

I also explain almost every articulation I could think of - and even got a violinist to demonstrate each technique so that you can see / hear it in action :slight_smile:

Hopefully some of you will find it helpful! And maybe you’ll discover some new techniques that you can add to your compositions.


Wow, this is awesome Jonathan! :slight_smile:
This is the most extensive guide on orchestral strings I have ever seen. Thank you so much for writing and creating this, and for sharing it with the composer community! :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much for this, it’s awesome.

I’ll work on what I learned about this article :wink:

Great! Thanks Carlo, so glad you found it helpful :slight_smile:
It took ages to put together - sorting out the timings for all of those YouTube videos was a nightmare haha!

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I can imaginate it ahha, I’m translating it in italian with the support of my books too (English book :confused: )., but it’s very hard, I’m still in the Violin :open_mouth: ahahhaha. I have to find the time for all the things I have to do.

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You can also check out Jonathans @SoundtrackAcad course on Udemy on writing for strings, which has got great reviews! :slight_smile:

I think writing good arrangement and expression on strings is the most important thing to master for orchestral and cinematic music. In my opinion. :slight_smile:


Awesome. I’ve been looking for something like this. Thanks @SoundtrackAcad

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