Streaming revenue (Spotify etc)

I have seen some petitions online the last days where artists “demand” 1 cent per stream on Spotify. As a composer, of course I would love that. But is that realistic?

I mean, from my understanding Spotify is paying out something like 65% of their revenue. Right now I checked and they paid out: $0,0032 per stream. That would mean that even if they gave away every single cent they earned (which is impossible to run a company with zero income)…even then it would not be 1 cent per stream in payouts.

Am I missing something here, or is this just artists “wanting” something without realizing how it all works?

Those who demand mostly seems to be musicians who has been in the game since 80’s/90’s. At least what I’ve seen locally here. I don’t know how long it’ll take for them to realize that the business has changed and changes all the time. For modern musician Spotify is only one of the many sources of possible income. I would like to ask from them that can they actually name one business that works now exactly the same as 30 years ago.

I know it would be nice to do record only when the inspiration hits and then do tours and gigs between. It’s still possible but not for as many artist/bands as before. Game has changed, it has changed in every business. Learn the new ways and adapt and if you don’t like how the business works nowadays, pick a better one.

1 cent per stream is well… everyone can do the math if they will. Feels like it’s the same tactic that labour parties uses here in Finland when they’re trying to negotiate pay rises from the companies. Ask an absurd raise and settle for anything. I’m not saying here that the current amount is completely fine but unless we can get our hands on the whole financials and business model of Spotify no one can really say how much the amount could be raised.

These are just my 2 cents on the topic and my opinions mostly based on discussions happened here in Finland.

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I agree, Spotify and streaming is here to stay. And the market decides what music is worth. If people start to question the free market and make demands not based on facts or reality, well then, the free society is at risk.