Stop Watching. Start Doing!

Hey guys,

wanted to share a video with you! I hope you enjoy it! And subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. More stuff is going out in the next weeks for sure!

To your success,


@jlx_music Steve Jobs helped invent iPhone, yet he never owned one it was reported- says a lot!! Excellent video, deserves a lot of views.


Thank you Carl @que10musx!

Well, we always have a decision to make. Either we do things that others want us to do, or we finally do things that give us more happiness and success over time by investing in something that we love.

I try my best. The video a far from perfect, already mentioned that in another video. My only goal is to stay real…meaning that when people meet me in real life, I am not different from what I show on camera. I am not always super positive as others try to be in front of the camera. There will be another video where I will talk about that success is exhausting, it’s hard because people only see the results but are not able to think about what it took to get there.

There are many topics on my list. And besides the views. Thank you for your support! Well, it’s always great to reach more people if you believe that the message is great. But it’s not easy, as there are many factors involved. I am learning about SEO, and maybe with some tweaks, I could reach a little more people who need this content. We will see. YouTube is another example of how hard it is to get somewhere. I think that most importantly it is to be consistent. I work at my own pace. If I will have something on my mind, I will upload it, and I do hope that there will be more supporters like you!

Thank you again! You are awesome! :muscle:


I do agree about notifications that why I turn them off and even my phone I turn off before I start to work on a topic

Right now I am working on learning how to use a bass line to support a melody and working one guitar technique doing percussive slaps

So even though is going slow I need to keep my focus and notifications and the phone ringing would just take me out of that mindset


is there anything such as hard work if everything is hard and requires work? it’s a very philosophical question I know :sweat_smile: but thanks for responding and sharing your process.


Well, I don’t know, but it feels like many people think that “success” is much easier to “get”. Which I can only deny.

Success, everyone decides for themselves what it it, however, to become “successful” is much easier than staying successful, as the next day your “success” is gone, and you have to prove it again that you deserve to be there where you are. A good example would be “One-Hit-Wonders”. Yes, success was there. Money was there. Fame was there. For a very short time. After that, nothing happened, nothing worked, and there are always reasons for that. Most of the time it’s connected to passion and hard work.

I believe if people don’t have serious passion and don’t work hard for that, nothing will work out. There is never a quick scheme or a hidden-formula. The formula is: Put your ass down, and start to crush your goals. Day by days, week by week, months, years, and everything else will come automatically…