Stereo Widener FX (with split bands)

I am looking for a high quality multi band stereo widener plugin that I can set frequency ranges, and increase or decrease stereo width per band.

I have Ozone Imager, which I like, but it lacks band splitting so that I can set for example more stereo width in the high end, and even reduce stereo width in low end.

I do not want a “mastering bundle plugin”, I want a standalone plugin for multi band stereo widening/narrowing.

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Would kind of surprise me if there isn’t a dedicated plugin for that. (I might be interested if you find one!)

However, I find myself using the kiloHearts plugins/snapins for stuff like that for the most part. They have all the “usual” effects (including a “Stereo” snapin), and some “snapin hosts” which allow you to build your own effects processing networks in a modular fashion.

For this, you’d use Multipass, which allows you to build up to five snapin chains working in separate (configurable) frequency bands. So, you can also add transient processing, compression, saturation, delay, reverb etc, per frequency band.

Oh, and Multipass happens to be 50% off right now. :smiley: (The Stereo snapin, and a few others, are free, so all you’d need to buy for this particular task is Multipass.)

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I’ve been using Waves Vitamin for a while, I’m not a huge fan of Waves anymore but Vitamin still gets a lot of use. You can narrow / widen per band and add excitation per band also. Useful for preset synth sounds that always take up lots of stereo field.


Wow, that looks exactly like the plugin I need! :smiley:
No weird phasing issues or anything when using it? (since you split bands and then it glues them together again)…

Just for pure widening and tweaking individual tracks spl vitalizer is really good and and doesn’t seem to produce artefacts or phasing issues. Nice EQ too. Keep an eye out as sometimes on sale.

BX stereomaker is also really good for widening and turning mono track to stereo.

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I’ve not noticed anything significant, its easy to overdo it with the widening though. I mainly use it for keeping low frequencies in mono and adding a bit of width to a cluttered mid-range. The exciter on it sounds pretty good to in small amounts.

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Hi @Mikael,

it’s not exactly what you are looking for, however it’s something new on the market I believe.
You can wider your signal, without phasing issue, as the stereo-effects is cancelled out, when combined to mono…

AND FREE! HUHU!!! :slight_smile:


I have Ozone Widener (Which is free as a standalone plugin too), is this one better in your opinion? :slight_smile:

If the Ozone one doesn’t introduce phasing issues, then it’s the same plugin. But I am not sure if iZotope did it like this. They only said the algorithm is better. But it’s not a lot of information for the user :slight_smile:

Try out the Wider. If you don’t like it, you can always delete it :slight_smile:

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I will, I might get that Waves plugin William mentioned too…also interested in Spectre from Wavesfactory as it a multi-band harmonic exciter. :slight_smile: