Started trying to write for solo viola

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Genre/Style:Primarily neo classical with some deviations to less and more traditional

Creative Vision for the Track:I started to write these yesterday with the idea that finding a solo performer to play and record would be a lot easier than an ensemble given my never having belonged to a school with alumni etc…
I decided (also upon a suggestion) that these were cheekily etudes for ME to open up dialogues with players to figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

Anyway I would very much appreciate feedback into what you all think about these, and how much you think violists I come into contact with proceeding on will either hate or just tolerate me hahaha

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):One is in Bb major, another in A Leading Whole Tone inverse (ish) the others are more fluid in key and modes, tempos are mostly varied during their short runtimes

Main Instruments used:Solo viola

Link to Musescore

Sorry William.
I can’t see a link

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I thought I might have this issue when I posted it because of it just coming up as “link to Musescore”… the naivitiy in me thought maybe it was actually coming through for others haha

Link didn’t work for the set so I will try an individual one to see if that works.

I could not find anything neoclassical in the piece. It would be more modernism or incidental or random music. If you give this to a violinist like you say, you should provide meaning to you piece. Can you tell us at least the process behind it?

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Yeah the neoclassical descriptor was in reference to moslty other ones in the set i tried to link (which didn’t work as a whole so I chose this one).

Incidental music works because a lot of my focus was primarily on gesture. Random also works due to all of the 9 having been written within a day and a bit haha.

I don’t propose that any of these have any meaning, there were no explicit or implicit settings in mind, I think my process is different for each one I did too which makes it complicated to communicate (and also makes them incongruent to eachother).

I suppose in the case of this one I treated it like a hodge podge exposition with no further developments or extrapolations… Narratively this is a character moulding itself around transitory experiences, it has no destination nor point of departure.

It’s great that you took the time to write it down. Thank you for sharing. Your piece does remind me of the second movement of a fantasia from Dowland, but ascending.

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