Star Sky - A Relaxing Soundtrack

Genre/Style: Soundtrack, Original Score

Creative Vision for the Track: I wanted to create a music with interesting chords. I took inspiration from post romantic composers such as Ravel and Debussy. I wanted to create a profound sound, which transports the listener in another dimension. I also took inspiration from Radiohead (my favourite rock band) for the main theme.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): The tempo is slow, there are no main chords as the music changes most of the time. However, the main theme is a slow descent of chords which I took inspiration from Nice Dream by Radiohead!

Main Instruments used: Strings, Piano, Horn

I’ve been less active recently as I’m in prépa in France, which asks a lot of work, which means I’m producing less music! Hope you like it !

Any feedback would be much appreciated!


Beautiful writing, Alexis! You’ve captured a great mood. It flows well. Bravo!



Wow! Beautiful! Like Stan already said- great mood and flow. On a personal level, I would love to hear the ending extended just a bit, maybe repeat that last 5-1 melody line once or twice more. It just finished a bit before I was ready!
Wonderful composition, mood, ideas, mix. So good!



Wonderful piece Alexis! I can definitely pick up on the Ravel inspiration!


Sorry for replying late, but thank you very much for taking your time to send these comments, I really appreciate it!
@MaestroX yeah especially the middle part, I guess you perhaps heard the Pavane from une Infante Défunte!
@Weeeeve Yeah I did not think about that and even thought it kind of got repetitive, but it’s a pleasure to know you like the main theme!

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A beautiful piece and love the image you chose for the video - it all works well

This is good, this is very good. A little tip: give your track a little empty space at the beginning. When I press the play button the track plays immediately, give it a little air/space of about two seconds.

Well done.

This is great Alexis . . . very peaceful and contemplative . . .

I found myself taken on a journey. Nice storytelling . . .

My only tip would be to add EQ to the piano’s reverb and roll off the low end; and possibly add a little high end at 5200 Hz.

I never thought about that and I now realise this is the case for most film music thank you so much !

Thank you very much for such detailed feedback I really appreciate it ! I’ll check out how it pans out !

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Amazing Alexis, Thank you.

Alexis, This piece is so beautiful. It is very honest and unpretentious, and invites the listener to experience a reverie. Your work reaches out. Just so, so lovely. Thank you for this compelling piece.