Spitfire offerings

So I went and had a listen to the demos for the Appassionata strings. This is not a positive post, but I feel like there are far too many of those - glorified ads. I’d welcome any input from anyone who bought this, in any direction - I don’t want this to be a bad library, but rather another great tool for all of us. So let me know if my impressions are off.

Of course there are good writers on the demos. But it seems like they are using good and competent writing to mask middling or poor library content. The thing they tout is the legato, and so it’s odd to me that in particular that was something I noted as being flawed. It was extremely cross-fade-y, and attacks and note transitions seemed listless and vague. This is their new “Impulse Engine”, which is meant to make playing strings in without keyswitches more feasible - I’m not hearing that it is doing so.

These are perhaps some of the more synth-y of strings I’ve heard in a while. Are they different-sounding from the other stuff? Sure. But I feel like the money the spent on this library would have been better spent on a good set of molto-vibrato add-ons for BBC or something like that. (Maybe a brass upgrade.) And they are doing the many-mics thing again, which is less than impressive to me, if the library is going to sound like that. I contend that legato libraries with lots of mic positions almost have to sound mushy because the note transitions have to work for many mics at once - and as trendy a thing as that is to do, I just don’t find it practical. What this emphasizes to me is the need for IRs from multiple positions, rather than so many mics. What’s going to be more agile - a close mic with much less room reverb in it that allows for quicker transitions - through an IR that emulates other mic positions as desired, or the leakage from a bassoon mic on the violas?

The challenge there is this - before the business declined, studios were more willing to allow IR’s of their rooms to be made. So in Altiverb you can find scoring stage impulses from rooms you’d actually want to record in. There are some in Spaces as well. But now the only really specific things you can find are in the powerful but cumbersome MIR, and there are other very nice convolution reverbs available, with lots of concert halls but not so many actual scoring stage rooms. And fewer people, I think, actually know to go for that sound. Things change, sure, but if a composer wants to emulate the sound of an orchestra for a score, there’s more happening than big reverbs, or the name of the room the players were recorded in.

I say all that to say that this library could have been better, from what I hear, if they had gone with a different approach.

Not all recomendations are glorified ads. If somebody asks my opinion on what to use, I will say what i find works best for me - on many occasions i may only have one of a certain type and will recomend it if u like it.

However, youtube videos may differ in that i think some reviews ate made in the hope of getting free products to try in the future.

Yes, not all. As I said above, “too many”. I will say something perhaps even more inflammatory, but what the heck - lots of commentary on libraries is done from a point of view that indicates a certain wonderment that string-like sounds are coming out of the speakers and thus not much in the way of reasonable criticism. There’s lots of library out of there that has one or two things that are usable and the rest not so much. And I absolutely use some of these, for that one little thing.

What bugs me is for example when a library is marketed as having a certain allegedly groundbreaking feature to it, and then someone who commits the very human and universal error of listening with the eyes they used to read the ad and says it’s unbelievable - and I heard the same demo and hear a ton of intonation issues or that the starts are all uneven or that the legatos are mushy, but they are all excited about the fact that it has a million mic perspectives or something. And there will be ten videos about the same thing, that as you say will absolutely avoid being critical because they want more things from the company.