SoundToys have a Spring Sale

Hello fellow composers, Mike here! :slight_smile:
I just noticed SoundToys is having a Spring Sale right now, and since I have been eyeing their plugins for quite a while (Decapitator and EchoBoy in particular) I am biting the bullet now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out the SoundToys Deals here

Soundtoys 5 bundle


I may have to indulge in the little plate…

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I might grab one or two more… Really liking the ones I have - especially Little AlterBoy, which I had lots of fun with in my little EDM project a few months ago!

But, no sale on upgrades…? I’m approaching the point of just grabbing the full set, but my trade up offer is currently $255. I guess that would be logical - if the full set wasn’t also on sale for $299! :slight_smile:

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