Sound design tools

Hey peeps,

Hope you are all doing well. I’m looking to expand my effect catalogue and thought it might be something that some of you are looking to do too.

So I was wondering what effects you have that you find really useful for sound design. These could include effects for stutters, verb tails for pads, mod effects, flange type effects, trem effects etc.

I love movement sound design FX. Granular, wave type movement, crazy delay clusters etc. Specific FX plugins? Well, for slow wave type movement (tremolo, flanger etc.) I actually mainly use the stock ones in Logic.

For stutter rhythms I also use “Step FX” in Logic.

More creative sound design, well…mainly synthesis and parameter automation at that point.

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I love the kiloHearts range - basically a collection of plugins that can run either as normal plugins in the DAW, or as “snapins” in one of their modular hosts, allowing you to easily build chains, nets, multiband rigs etc, with powerful modulation capabilities.

They recently added modular synth as well, Phase Plant, which has since become my go-to synth for from-scratch programming. It has all the usual oscillators, wavetables, samples, filters, practically unlimited modulation capabilities etc, but is still very quick and easy to use, at least if you know your audio synthesis basics.

Also, you can now recursively use the snapin hosts as snapins, basically eliminating all limitations to number of chains, number of bands etc, and this also makes it possible to build custom multiband effects and whatnot, that you can then save as presets for use within new designs.


Yeah iv’e been using a lot of the stock plugins too. after talking to a few of my trailer buddies they say that’s fine but it really slows down your workflow… so i’m researching what type of plugins are out there to make life a little easier aha. this is mainly the reason why iv’e been moving towards other libraries that offer a more performance based approach to production which has really sped up my productivity. i’m not sure about anyone else but iv’e found that the biggest killer of inspiration is when i have to go in and alter parameters when i have an idea. :frowning:

totally agree about the step FX btw, such a powerful little beast.

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ill Definitely check out the Kilohertz range this evening. sounds really interesting!

love that youv’e got a slightly less popular Mod Synth that you enjoy too. i hate that people gravitate to just one brand all the time… i downloaded the Flow Motion from Waves last year thinking id just try it out on the 30 day trial that they offered me and to my surprise its absolutely awesome! its by far the best synth that i have IMO. before that i was always using Massive which is still great, but not that intuitive and isn’t really a proper FM synth… where the flow motion mimics the workflow of FM synthesis too which i find really cool. i would love to hear about your experiences with the Phase Plant.

iv’e also been thinking of getting one or two of the output synths as they sound great. i did have the output monthly sub for their sample pack plugin but tbh i never used it so i just got rid.

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For a massive preset collection with creative FX so you don’t have to waste time changing parameters, I would get Soundtoys Bundle. I don’t have it yet, but plan to buy it later this year when it is on sale.

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is that for the first Massive or Massive X? ill check that out!

This complete bundle:

I am especially interested in the Crystallizer, Decapitator, Echoboy and Filterfreak. I think those are the ones you are looking for as well, from the way you describe your “productivity focus” on FX.


Ah fab! Cheers Mikael. Just seen that Waves Factory have a plugin going for free as it’s the 10 year anniversary.

Here’s the link, it’s only free for the day.

I have that plugin already, but thanks. It’s a very niche plugin though, not the usual “tape saturation” effect. More for adding that nostalgic tape effect.

Yes that’s what I thought and I thought it may be something that may come in handy for sound design. People may want it if they don’t have it :slight_smile:

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interresting plugin
will be great to add some good tape fx on composition

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Yes that’s what I thought. I also thought it will be great for some extensive sound design. As I’m thinking of really manipulating the sound after bouncing down the stem. Let’s see what happens :grimacing:

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