Sound Design mic

Hi all! Which microphones do you use to make environmental recordings? Many people use the Neumann km184 but I also heard very well about the Soyuz 013 FET, what do you think? I would like to know your experiences!

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Hey Nicola!
I actually use a portable recorder for all my environmental recordings. Zoom H6, which has microphone capsules you can switch. Omni-mic, X/Y mic etc. :slight_smile:

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Ya! it’s really a good recorder! I bought it too but I was considering the purchase of a stereo pair of good quality microphones to be combined with it. I’m really attracted to Soyuz :joy:

What kind of recordings are you going to focus on? Ambient, atmosphere, background? Or hitting stuff, scratching etc like foley effects?

Principally on nature sound and environmental effects…(hfbeoandhei I’m putting random characters to get to the minimum of 80 )

Hmm…I put a character minimum because I am trying to push deeper discussion in the community. I could decrease the limit, but I want to avoid “great track, I liked it” kind of replies. What do you think? :slight_smile:

So, for environmental sounds those are pretty quite often. I would check for signal to noise ratio and get a really really quite mic. I’m not sure how good the pre-amps are in the Zoom H6, but I think they are low noise.

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Well, on second thought , you were right to set the limit! The zoom preamps look pretty good, I often use a Neumann TLM 102 and I’ve never had a noise problem :slight_smile:

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Wow great microphone! I’m curious…what are you going to use the recordings for? Your music, making sample libraries, selling audio fx?

selling them could be a good idea! actually I’m developing ideas for a video game with a friend and I want to have as much original material as possible ( maybe I’ll create something at the Boom Library level :joy::joy:)


Oh that’s really cool! Involved with a project first hand more than being a composer that is. =)
I made a new post on “how to sell audio effects”, because I want to learn more about where you can do this except for the mass market places like Pond 5, Audiojungle etc.

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