Soothe VST - What's all the fuzz about?

So I’ve been seeing this plugin come up a lot in various mixing/production posts on forums, Facebook groups etc. They sell it with the tagline “a dynamic resonance suppressor”, so basically a de-esser but for anything in the mids/highs?

I want to hear from you guys, what your opinion is regarding this plugin. Do you own it, have you heard it in action, will you get it? :slight_smile:


Soothe is really useful and time saving - find its great on problematic tracks that you just can’t get eq right. Great for getting rid of Nasty resonances.

It’s not a total magic bullet in the same way as neutron - it’s more a tool rather than a fix all.

A couple of other plugins on a similar line is gullfoss

This is great for improving overall mix on main bus

Another one that uses AI is Sonible smart eq. That can be handy as well for improving individual tracks.

Hornets thirty one
Is also handy for auto mixing

There all really handy and time saving - will often get you a good start for mixing

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I don’t believe in magic bullets in any case, but I believe in good tools. :slight_smile:
Do you have it? Does it work and sound natural on orchestral parts too?

To be honest it’s really impressive. Really speeds up mixing. Works on pretty much anything. Really good for problem tracks. Have all the ones mentioned above and they all have there uses.

Usually use them on most tracks as a starting point.

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I saw you can get a demo for 20 days:

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