SONiVOX Big Bang - Cinematic Percussion - Your opinion pleases

I need a percussion VST not so expensive, but good enough.
I see the Sonivox library Cinematic percussion

Does anyone use it? How does it sound?
Is there any other vst that you recommend?


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From what I heard Sonivox products are in the “cheap” market of quality. I would not use them at all personally.

@daniello_music I own them. Bought them because they were kind of cheap during a sale and I have to say… they’re not bad.

Of course they’re not top notch orchestral and percussion libraries but they do the job and they do it rather well.

To go in deeper… first of all do not buy the “cinematic Percussion” product… but wait for a sale on their “Percussion Companion” or “Film Score Companion” instead.

In the first one you’ll get like 4 different percussion plugins… with the second one you get a full orchestra (strings, brasses, woodwinds, both in ensable and in solo modo with different articulations and envelopes to shape the sounds) PLUS the cinematic percussion and a piano… and when on sale they can both be bought for like 14 bucks. Jus tso you know… at this very moment I’m writing the FIlm Scoring Companion Bundle is on sale for 20 bucks at Plugin Boutique.

In the Cinematic Percussion plugin you will find a TON of preset… I think there are something like 200 to 300 different percussion sets and you get from the strong “Impact” ones to the tribal ones.

The most interesting feature there is that you can set the plugin to a striect “rythm” and the plugin itself will not record any keypress outside of it… so you can basically mash your fingers on your midi keyboard without thinking and the plugin will record in perfect tempo anyway.

Now to the sad part: Sonivox developers seem to have disappeared from earth and as such there are no upgrades to wait… and since this specific plugin is a little bugged it’s a real pity.

The percussion plugins from Sonivox (and only the percussion ones… the orchestral ones are fine) tend to crash your daw if you play while the plugin is open up. There are fixes for this… like playing only when the plugin interface is not open up… or after pressing the “learn” button in the plugin itself… but it’s tedius.

In the end tho… since you can get all of this for no more than 14 bucks on a sale you’re probably never going to find any other cinematic percussion library this cheap no matter how much you search. Thye sound quality is good and the number of presets is massive. The fact that these are not “Kontakt dependant” is another very big PLUS since the almost entirety of percussion plugins are kontakt dependant and forces you to spend 400 bucks even for the free ones.

If you can overlook the crashes and actually use the fixes that I mentioned before… you can have fun with those as a beginner with a strict budget.

Thank Luca,
for the very detailed review!!!

I thinking on them, in the meanwhile I hope to buy the spitfire bbcso core… if there will be a good prize on black friday.

I see that there are some drum also in bbcso library … but if I find sonivox percussion at a low price I’ll give it a thought.