Song of Argonia - The Hist (Black Marsh music for Beyond Skyrim)

Genre/Style: Game Music, Orchestral Hybrid. Dark/Mysterious

Creative Vision for the Track:
This is part of a musical suite written to prepare for music that will be created for the Elder Scrolls mod, Beyond Skyrim. This is for the Argonia/Black Marsh region.

Song of Argonia is a musical suite that represents the history of Tamriel from the perspective of Argonia. This part, “The Hist,” musically represents the mysterious Hist trees that govern Black Marsh and stand in as gods for the native Argonians. I wanted to mix the natural and the ethereal. The holy and the otherworldly. The Hist are both timeless and physical. Their true motives are veiled.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
Tempo is a slow 60bpm. The main idea of the piece is based around a 2 chord repetition between Cm and D.

Main Instruments used:
The main melody and response is between Tina Guo Cello and Cinestrings Violas. There’s a lot of flautando strings supplying ambiance. Some pads from LABS were used including Whalesong Nautilus and Siren Whale Song. The outline of the progression is played by the LABS Ghost Hand Bells. A few woodsy percussion elements were used from Orchestral Tools Arbos.

Very nice! I really like your sense of melodics and arrangement.

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Mike- wow. A beautiful piece. Love the Cm to D, love the orchestration, love that repeating melodic line…yeah…outstanding!


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