Son of Saul - Film Score Theme

My pieces tend to be typically 8-9 minutes long, but this one is only 2:37 - but I still feel it packs quite a punch, compositionally.

The core of it was written for a score writing competition last year, but I always wanted to ‘extract’ it and make it a stand alone piece. I do have thoughts of a longer piece developed from this material, but I’d love to her your thoughts as to whether you think it works at all as it is, or any other general comments you may have on it that could help me with it.

The version above uses BBCSO Pro, mixed in Logic. Some of you may also be interested in an almost identical version of the piece rendered by Note Performer straight out of Dorico. The only difference, musically, between the two versions is that I had a late addition of Tallinn Choir to the version above (just to help give it some ‘lift’). There is no choir part in the version below.

There are some excellent compositional elements in your work, but I felt that at times either your articulations were wrong or you had the right articulations with the wrong dynamics. There seemed to be slight pauses throughout the piece which normally wouldn’t be as noticeable with counterpoint or other techniques that would keep the piece sounding fluid and smooth.

You’re obviously a skilled composer, and I’m looking forward to hearing more of your work!

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Thank you for your compliment, and the thoughtful feedback. I’ll give it careful consideration.

Thank you.

You’re very welcome, and keep up the wonderful work!

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Excellent composition, very cinematographic …

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Very nice sound atmosphere!

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Thank you Laurent! Much appreciated.

Thank you Joe! Much appreiacted.