Some keys of my digital piano (Korg B1) suddenly stopped working... help!

Hey guys,

So I’ve had the Korg B1 digital piano for a year and a half now, no issues with it whatsoever, it’s been a smooth ride until 2 days ago when suddenly some (random at first) keys just did not play a sound, and if they did it would be at the max velocity, no matter how much I press the key.

2 days have passed and now those keys would work for 1 mins after I turn the piano on (after a long rest), and then would stop to work completely. I’ve noticed it the C and E key that are faulty, but not on every octaves… Please if anyone would have a clue on what’s going on that would be so helpful… The strangest thing is that never had any issues of the sort and it just happened out of nowhere!

Thanks a lot for your help


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There might be dirt under the key contacts, I had the same issue with my roland jd-800, I took it apart, cleaned the carbon contacts under some rubber strips, put it back together and the velocities were fixed. Also might be a cracked keybed cable/connector

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Ok thank you very much, I’ll try to clean it up yes!