Some frustration coming out of the whole Covid situation? And what changes to expect?

Hey guys, just wanted to see/hear some of your experiences about this whole situation.

I was supposed to move to a bigger film hub this year but now being stranded abroad I have no choice but to come back to my previous destination, while waiting for everything to clear. Much less opportunities face to face, but at least I have some network there. Out of this frustration came a question, in which ways to you think the film industry and our jobs as composers is going to evolve post-covid? Would places like L.A. start to be less vital for film practitioners? Would the process of composing for screen become remote work oriented?

I know this is all predictions but I am curious to see what you all think. And before all of that, I am also more than grateful to be healthy and well during those times, and hope that all yourselves and your closed ones are as well.

Thanks for reading!

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If I were to guess I would say all types of jobs/gigs will go to way more distance work.

As I personally run my business 100% as distance work (online) even before Covid, there will be no change for me.


There might be some changes, but I think with modern technology, the internet/streaming video/VST orchestras, etc. composers can still do the job remotely and that’s probably been the case for most, with library music composing and all. Where things might change is composing and recoding with live musicians. Maestro John Williams is supposed to come conduct my hometown orchestra in October, but I’m worried that will most likely not happen and we may not get another opportunity as the guy is nearly 90 years old!


That’s true, he might not take the risk! Yes I have heard already a lot of remote recording sessions are happening… Dwelling on this, do you think on the “networking” side of things and meeting fellow practitioner, there will be more distinct changes towards an online approach?

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For myself, still mostly an amateur, not being able to meet people in-person and exchange ideas and contact info hurts. In another post, I mentioned that I attend local pop culture conventions and meet with visual artists to either have them make original art to go with my music or see if they are involved in projects that they’d like me to write music for. If you don’t have the contacts already, working remotely doesn’t matter.

You’d have to find new/alternative ways to get your name and work out there in the hope someone who needs a composer for a project contacts you. If your not too concerned with big projects and name recognition, woking remotely as a largely anonymous but successful library music composer is a great option, which is mainly my goal since I have a day job and do music in my free time. Although my ultimate goal would be to at least get one opportunity to have my music used in a video game or TV show!


That’s great that you are putting yourself out there! Definitely a good idea to do conventions. I agree with you that it is much more beneficial and “human” to meet people in person, rather than just online.

Well my ultimate goal would be to become a feature film composer. I’m not located where I want to be but there isn’t much I can do at that point. I’ll have to make the most of it within my community before taking off once the restriction are eased.

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Good luck Romain! Let’s hope they can kick this Covid virus sooner rather than later. Do you think you have any opportunities with any filmmakers near you? Even if they are doing small projects or TV commercials, it’s my belief that starting out there is both a way to get experience and one foot in the door to lager projects—it’s something you can put on your resume so to speak; a list of credits that might help you score bigger projects.

Thanks a lot Matt, so to you! Yes hopefully. Got to keep positive!

Yes I believe there could be some for me in ads or shorts. I’m also working with a composer from that area so hopefully that will keep me going too. I guess I got to keep remind myself to be patient!!
By the way would love to connect and hear some of your work too! If we can support each other and help out for anything to power through this!

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Absolutely! You can check out my piece from the action music contest, “Kurotsukihime” as well as my
I’d love to hear what you’re working on as well!

Awesome! A lot of cool compositions, keep it up!! You have a very rich palette of sounds.

Here’s my soundcloud where I occasionally put some music out, feel free to check out my latest work, " Orchestral Works: 1. “Világfa”"

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Whoa! Loved it Romain! I can tell you definitely have the whole film score sound going. It’s a style I’m also aiming for, but I’m very classically influenced and am finding hard to break out of that. Currently one of my favorite cinematic composers is Yuki Kajiura; I don’t know exactly what it is about her work, but I love it. You really have a wide variety of sounds and styles you’re good at. Gonna take me a while to go through them all!


Thank you so much! I just had a listen to Yuki, such beautiful melodies, definitely know what you mean about how some composers just have this “thing”; that’s the beauty of music and how it resonates with us all!

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Yes, sometimes you are just speechless. I lover her soundtrack for the Fate/Zero anime. It’s probably my favorite of hers and I totally use it as reference for what I try to write for epic cinematic music.

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It cannot continue this way forever, where things are online only. Film music comes from stories and stories come from life experiences and life experiences come from living. Film directors need to be inspire by real life and travel to create new messages, I cannot see how it can continue like this without being face to face and seeing people and stories first hand.

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That’s such a good point Carl. Yes we cannot be inside the technology all the time, without connections and engaging in a community of people. This is what makes us human, I think the world would become quite bland if we were to keep it like this.

definitely fits a picture or scene. Elon musk is coming up with tours/travel to space starting soon, I think this will lead to alternate option in future for people to seek life on another planet, where people not ruled by political, religious parties and courts. just like a hideaway forest but in outer space.

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sounds like it belongs in a video game. great suspense and build up, nice track!

Ahhh yes! Love it. Nice interpretation! If you’d like to share any of your music too I’d love to have a listen!

okay thanks. do you think shows will resume taping soon and cinema theaters will open again?

Well I hope so. I guess all big productions will suffer mostly as there’s a lot of finished film currently on hold to be distributed. Not sure how this will turn out for next year. I also think that we are going to gear towards a more prominent streaming consumption of films, but REALLY hope that cinemas will open and people will still go to watch movies. To me streaming would never beat an experience at the endangered (that was pre-covid), because of the way we are consuming now, but I don’t really believe in it. I want to think that people will still go to the movies and appreciate seeing a film on the big screen.