Software for fake live streaming?

What do you use/recommend?
I’m about to fake live streaming with 3 cameras and in a need for some software?
This is what I wanna do:
I want to record 3 cameras in sync and then edit those and fake live streaming on YouTube.
I have video editing software but none for multicam recording and streaming.
I saw that I can sync in Powerdirector (video editing) with audio and maybe that will do.
But for streaming?
OBS, Vmix, other?

If I were to do a fake live stream (not sure why) I would simply record each camera, screen capture, and audio capture individually at the same time. Hit record on camera 1, camera 2, camera 3, and any screen/audio capture software you want (OBS, Xbox Console Recorder, Quicktime), and may do clap for syncing up audio and video later. Then import each separate recording into your editing software and edit it to look like a livestream.

But if you want to record it as though it is a live stream (might as well actually live stream if you go through that trouble), you might check out Streamlabs which allows you to hook up multiple cameras and do screen captures at the same time.

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Thanks for tip about Streamlabs!
Nice it’s a freeware but I can pay too if the software feels right.
Yes, that’s how I will record with claps and 1, 2, 3
Powerdirector has some automatic multicam audio sync.
I’ve tried OBS a little but it doesn’t feel intuitive for me.

I would download screenlabs OBS which is more in depth that’s normal OBS. You can route all your cameras into a window and make it look great before you record si you have less editing, then you just need to flip between them.

When I’m live-streaming on Twitch I duplicate the view of my screen grab which might be recording zoom with other people so I have 3 instances. Then I zoom close to each person and switch between those views in real time as I record and stream so it’s seamless. I fake 3 camera veiews like this. I also do this with multi windows in Logic and a close up of myself in the webcam.

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Did you mean Stremlabs OBS?
I can’t find screenlabs OBS, only openproject OBS?

Yeah my phone just autocorrected. Sorry about that.

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Ok, thanks!
I downloaded and installed Streamlabs OBS
Streamlabs OBS wanted to have permission to edit, delete everything and more on my YT-channel so I went with Vmix instead.
Not that I don’t trust them but why on earth do they need such a permission.?.

No they don’t need the permission, that was asking to give permission to the app so that you can use those features through their app for ease of use. This is so that you can stream and edit to all platforms from one place.

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Ha ha, thanks Geoffrey! :slight_smile:
I totally misunderstood.

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It’s ok, easy thing to do :smiley: