Small Independent Sample Library Developers

Hey Composers! :slight_smile:
We all know the major sample library devs like Heavyocity, Spitfire Audio etc. But what about the smaller one person indie developers that are most often just composers like us, with a side gig of creating sample libraries?

Let’s share some love for these independent developers, which ones do you know?! :slight_smile:

Here are some I have come across:


Thanks Mike :smiley:, i also like
David Hilowitz - Decent Samples
Flavio Cangialosi - Xperimenta Project


Oh nice, even some freebies in there, thanks Elia…I never heard of them before! :slight_smile:


Hi, I am not sure how small they are but I just got the new Re:Coil soundbank from Pulsesetter sound (made for Omnisphere) and it is one of the best sounding pack I ever heard for synth sounds related to string instruments.

It is of very high quallity, like Heavyocity stuff in some way but from a much smaller company and at a much smaller price too! $30 intro price is a steal!

The power of Omnisphere is incredible and it shows here, as much as the talented sound designer of course.

I did not want to tell others at first to keep it for myself but since it is so good and you are making a post about this topic, might as well tell others of this gem. :slightly_smiling_face: