Should I buy Nucleus Lite?


I’m thinking about buying Nucleus Lite. Is is worth it or are there other options available that are better at a similar price? I was also thinking about Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra, but it doesn’t seem to be as professional sounding.

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I don´t own Nucleus but I don´t think you can go wrong with that one. The reviews on it seems very good and what I´ve heard of it too. As you know the boring answer is always it depends what you´re after.
If I were to choose between the too I would go with Nucleus lite and upgrade later. I´m sure you will get better answer from the others in here, I´ve seen that there people here who use it quite a lot.


I own both the Lite and Full versions. Nucleus is a great sounding library for beginners/intermediate, but as far as my personal opinion, I’d just save up and pay for the full version since you get more articulations and instruments as the Lite version only contains pre-orchestrated ensembles if I remember, and only sustain and staccato/staccatissimo articulations, so it’s very limited.

I say go for the full version right away because Audio Imperia doesn’t overwrite their libraries, so if you get Lite and then upgrade to the full version later, you will end up with both libraries on your hard drive or SSD and you’ll never use the Lite version again–I mean why would you, right? :smile:

The only real problem with Audio Imperia, or at least Nucleus, to keep in mind, is that even the full version doesn’t have legatos for all instruments and there are no solo clarinets or bassoons for whatever odd reason. Otherwise it’s a great sounding library and mixes really well with other libraries and I’ve used it a number of times on my compositions.


Thanks a lot for the answer! However I saw on the site that you got a discount if you upgraded from the demo so you do not lose any money!

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Right. If you upgrade, you pay less the cost of the lite version. My point is that when you do upgrade, the download doesn’t just incorporate the lite version, but downloads the whole full version and then you have both the lite and full versions on your disk and since the full version contains all the instruments and articulations as the lite version, having the lite version becomes redundant.

You don’y lose any money, just time and disk space :grin: I’d say go for the lite version if you just need some extra layers/texture, but the full version is a great full orchestral library with B+ to A quality and it’s easy to use and mix!

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