Short Composition : the Volcano

Hello all
here is my last composition, it is for a little contest of the composer challenge FB group
the theme was to illustrate the picture of a volcano in eruption in a 30 seconds track
i use some brass from the andromeda VSL library, percussion are taiko, timpani, cymball, big drum
the tempo is 137, there is no specific key i use dissonant chord with these note (D, D#, G, G#) sometime with four notes sometime just three

thanks for listening


Nice one, Florent. It certainly was a doom-laden piece! The deep drums added the oomph for sure.
I might have added some sustain notes behind the action, so as to avoid any silent parts or drop off in intensity (perhaps some threatening double bass/cello, or a cascading string or piano part?) After all, a volcano when it erupts is constant action and spew! That’s just my thoughts, though.

Nice, Florent.
Maybe I would need an stronger sound, more broken and huge.
But your idea sounds good, very cinematic for a volcano (a little one :rofl:) Just kidding :pray:

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Great composition, although in my case I see it more fit for an action scene, you know, the hero just discovers something bad and then the action starts.

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Very nicely done, Florent! Very visual and effective!

Two random thoughts if I may.

Rhythmically I’m hearing 4/4 time, correct? The brass towards the end are hitting on 1, the and of of 2, and 4. That’s fine but I’m thinking its also predictable. In the situation where a volcano is erupting there is (or I assume there is) a fair amount of chaos (e.g. when is the next explosion, the next flaming boulder landing on my car, even a racing heart beat).

The eighth note subdivision I’m hearing in the stabs at the end is 3-3-2 | 3-3-2 | 3-3-2 …

What if you used something like 7/8 where you could alter the subdivisions less predictably?
In 7/8 maybe trying 3-2-2 | 2-3-2 | 2-2-3 | 3-2-2 … with heavy accents / hits on each grouping of 3. For me, the uncertainty adds to the tension.

Second – I like your harmonic choice of minor seconds. I’d like to see it even fuller with more notes to choose from. I’ve used the augmented scale which gives you more clusters and dissonance to choose from as you build tension.

The most effective description I’ve heard about the augmented scale is it is built by stacking two augmented triads whose roots are a half step apart (e.g. a Caug over Baug). The resulting scale would give you C-D#-E-G-G#-B to voice in various degrees of dissonance. It’s only a six note scale but a world of possibilities and a great color!

Again, nice job, Florent!

Take care! Stay well!


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Hello Stan, yes you’re right it is a 4/4 time
thank you os much for all your great advice and idea in your feedback

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You’re welcome, Florent! Keep the great music coming!