"Shimmering Sacrifice" - My First Track

Ok, I know I didn’t really give feedback to other tracks in this section and that it is required… I hope you guys will believe me when I say that this wasn’t due to “not wanting” to provide feedback but more about the fact that as a Beginner I’m not confident enough in myself as to give feedback to more expert composers as the majority of you probably are. I promise that as I’ll improve I’lòl be more active on this :slight_smile:


This is supposed to be a “struggling” piece. A mix of sadness, incertainty but also of courage and “spirit”.


FIrst of all since the game I’m working on at the moment has a sort of sci-fi setting I wanted this to have some sort of Sci-Fi vibe to it, in order to get experience in this specific kind of composition. I took HEAVY inspiration from “Deus Ex - Human Revolution” soundtrack and this piece is in the same key and probably have many elements in common with its main theme song “Icarus”. As I said before, my idea of this was, since I don’t really have enough experience in transforming specific ideas into music, quite abstract: I just knew that I wanted it to have a feeling of sadness, incertainty but also struggle and “spirit” into it. I hope I managed to convain all of these…


The track is in: 4/4 with a “standard” 120 bpm. It’s in the key of G Minor and mainly uses the G Minor chord (in fact almost every note of the song is G Minor). The arpeggiated part also is mainly G Minor but with some slight variations.


The Base, The Bass, The Arpeggio and the Lead were all done by myself with SoundSpot Union wavetable synthesizer.

The Drums are made with the MT Power Drumkit 2, a free drum instrument.

The Vocals are made with the free kontakt player voice library “Arcana”, by EmberTone

LINK: https://clyp.it/xastgywk?token=66aee8e8d27fe83b6cacc620c09f4acc


Hi, Luca!

Glad you took the plunge and posted! I’ve found this to be a welcoming, constructive community. I’m sure comments will follow as well!

I liked the piece. You did a nice job on it! I liked that you included some variations and, in fact, for my tastes I wish you would’ve done more.

I didn’t get the “struggling” feel that I was expecting. I may have been distracted by the very static / repetitive drum track. You may want to add some variations to the drums as well.

If you listen to a lot of what John Williams does with percussion he will put the rhythmic patterns and many of the pulses into the accompaniment and use percussion to direct the listener’s attention (e.g. rolls, shimmers, crescendos that build into a particular chord or section change).

Explore some cluster writing for that sense of tension and angst. Don’t shy away from dissonance. Use it to your advantage. In fact play up the dissonant intervals within the scales you’re using. With minor there are a LOT of possibilities. Let it burn itself into the ear. High dissonance reflects tension. Dissonance in lower registers (when properly used) can add a richness that can’t be achieved through straight triadic voicing.

When using cluster voicings across different sections (woodwinds / strings) try to make each section consonant.

In a Lydian voicing such as a Cmaj13(#11) I might voice the high woodwinds with a D major triad, mid strings as a B minor triad, and use the low strings / bassoons / bass clarinets to create a Cmaj7 spread voicing. By thinking this way you can control both where the dissonance resides (the F#-G relationship, the B-C relationship, etc) and how close the intervals are to each other. If I have the luxury of working with a synth that I can float a high siphon over the top I may use C-G-F# (voiced top down). If that feels too saturated for you focus on using just the individual dissonances (minor seconds, minor ninths).

Again, good work on the piece. Hope to hear more from you!

Take care! Stay well!


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Hey Luca. Good starting. :clap:
A little static. It results as an sketch to be developed, more than a completed evoluted idea. But sounds good. There are many things in composition, harmony, mixing that can be upgraded, but we all have been in your point some time ago. So, calm, it is a matter of time and passion. :+1:
Our great maestros, as @StanBannCreative, will give a hand. I see he already gave you ideas to work in for weeks or even months :joy:. You will find big generosity in this forum. :v:

About giving feedbacks, you must consider that any listener can give an advise or an opinion, and it doesn’t need to be a technical tip. You can simply say if you like it, if there is some instrument that doesn’t fit in your opinion, or just the emotion that it brings you. Please, don’t hesitate to be heard. Every voice worths. :speaking_head:


Thank you @VSHDEL and @StanBannCreative, I’l be sure to write down your suggestion :slight_smile:


You’re most welcome, Luca! Let me know if you have questions! I’ll be glad to help!