Share your Orchestral DAW Template

Hello Composers! :smiley:
It would cool to know what kind rof DAW template setup you all use, particularly for orchestral/cinematic music?

For example, what are your:

  • Instrument Mixing Groups
  • Send Effects
  • Insert Effects
  • Master Output Chain
  • any special production techniques, like Side chain compression etc.

hello all composer
here is the general way i build my template
i have :

  • a video track if needed
  • marker track
  • a ruler in second
    then it comes the instruments
    all sections of the orchestra are in separate colored directory
  • string
  • woodwind
  • brass
  • percussion
  • choir (not always present)
  • harp
  • keyboard

in each directory i put all articulation i need
by example for the woodwind directory :
i have an instance of kontakt for each woodwind ( piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, basson, contrrabasson, english horn)
and in each instance of one instrument i have all articulation by example for flute i have sustain, tenuto, staccato, harmonic ) then in my DAW for the flute i have 1 instrument track for the flute and 4 midi tracks associated to the instrument track
i do that for all instrument.

for string it is special because sometime i use string ensemble with sustain, legato, tenuto, stacato, flautando, con sordino, harmonic and tremolo articulation so i have a quick string ensemble but if i want a real string section so in the string directory i have violin 1 & 2, viola, cello, doublebass and for each of them i add all articulation needed for my project in detail :
violin1 & 2, viola : legato, sustain, tenuto, spicato, stacato, pizzicato, bartock, con sordino, flautando, tremolo
cello, doublebass : legato, stacato, pizzicato, tremolo

as regard the effect i use only reverb and equalizer
on the master track i put a limiter and sometime a compressor

and for the automation : dynamic, volume, pan reverb level, brillance for the brass

when the template is finished i have nearly 20 track instruments ( kontakt mainly and sometime eastwest player) and up to 64 midi track

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