Sergio Prando - Ambient Music

A piece of music for ambient sound, I used sesion string pro ensemble, symphoniy series brass sesion, orange tree nylon guitar and synths.


Hi Sergio - for me it is not ‘floating’ enough. Your themes are good but for me too ‘dry’ and to agile. Slower transitions would help, as some farout fx. All the best, Adam

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Nice track Sergio! :slight_smile:

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Good track but I would go for slower arps on harp or even take it out - sounds good at around 0.42 the lower harp works better but still too busy. Try with more reverb on everything- experiment


in my opinion, the track is very good, melody, arpegio,…but
i think that the arpegio is too loud and too bright for ambiant mood
the tempo is too fast you are about 120 bpm if i am right
you can reduce the tempo , have an arpegio softer
but great composition

I really love this. A great theme for a love story of some sort. But I agree with the others, the harp is a bit too strong for ambient music.

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