Selling your Music on "Subscription-based" Music Libraries

Let’s discuss “Subscription-based” Royalty Free Music Libraries
Hello Composers! So I know this can be a touchy subject, as many composers find the “subscription”-based royalty free music libraries to be the evil of the future, that will make us all starve to death.

Well, let’s put the drama aside for a bit and have a proper discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of joining music libraries with this membership model.

An example that I’ve seen ads for a lot lately is:

If I understand it right, uploading a track to this type of site means that I don’t want to set it’s price and I just hope that it will earn something. Maybe good for beginners or bands, who want to spread their name mainly, but I think a confident producer would want to have the price under control. So sites like this will differ in their their content

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What I dislike the most is that sites like this probably don’t accept music protected by AdRev or Identify.
And I also get a feeling of just being a composer filling out their library without making decent money.
But, I don’t know, I have no experience and will probably never have.

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I suspect it is a huge gamble indeed, and probably better for songwriters/artists rather than composers (as Adam wrote above). But as much as I don’t see myself going into this path, I try to keep an open mind, as I’m sure they can work for some.

I think there are some instrumental media composer’s who make a good living out of this type of libraries and that there is good money to be made but you have to be able and want to write/produce what’s popular for their subscriber’s. I actually tried a while ago to submit to motion array just to see how it works and how much money one download would make :slight_smile:
I got my 3 tracks rejected.

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