Selecting all the same note but difference pitch (LOGIC PRO X)

Hi guys, I saw a tutorial where a guy was creating a glissando with the Harp.

So he played all the white keys, and after he clicked on the piano roll (keyboard) to change F to F#.

But whit a key command that he didn’t tell, he selected all the F in the range of the harp only by clicking on the keyboard in the piano roll, I mean F2 - F3 - F4 and changed it into F#2 - F#3 - F#4.

I know the commando how to change one step below or octave, but how can I select all the note without click on every F?

Shift + S = select similar notes. Then you can use use Option + Arrow up to got from F to F# on all those notes. :slight_smile:


Which video is that? Could you share it, I’m interested to have a look.

Other than what Mike shared, it could be a custom MIDI Transformer set too.

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Thank you Mike it’s Shift + S, @Venn I bought on Udemy and the guy answer now after a month hahaha

but yes it works :smiley:

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Another cool thing you can try is “scale quantize” in the piano roll.

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Yes it’s a cool feature, but never used in my works :confused: don’t tell me why ahhaha