Scoring A Movie Pro Secrets Included!

Hello guys,

I hope you had a great and successful week!

I am thrilled to share my third composing session from my Spitfire Content Entry. Grab a coffee or a tea and spend some time with me! This is my “funny” slogan for my YouTube videos now, haha :smiley:

I hope you enjoy this one too. Any feedback from your side is very welcome! Have a great start to the new week!

To your success,
Alexey :slight_smile:


Enjoying your series. Some great information in there for beginner and intermediate alike.

I’d probably suggest posting videos like this split into ten minute chunks. Will help with views and to keep your tips concise and will also help people find the information that they need more easily, this will also help your youtube algorithm as you’ll have more videos that can be found! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your feedback @Geoffers! :slight_smile:

Well, you are right in terms of time and keeping it consistent. I will do it on another channel that I am about to launch that will only have this kind of short videos, max. 10 mins. The channel will be connected to advertise my personal coaching program and a membership. It will be more to the point, more focused, more practical, exercises…My channel is a mess which is fine, as I didn’t want to be focused only on one thing, it’s really broad. The other channel is only about music production. No personal stuff, no stupid stories and jokes. :slight_smile:


That’s great. I personally think it’s good to be diverse. There are just as many you tubers out there doing lots of things on their channels as there are who like to keep to one thing. So it’s all good! Mind is mainly full of covers and a few orchestral uploads at the moment but I’ll be just using it for anything that takes my fancy as time goes on. I think the most important thing is to find a niche that people want to exploit and regularly feed that particular topic. You can’t do that without exploration as you already know.

Btw, thank you for your feedback on my question regarding screen sharing. It’s really appreciated as you obviously have more experience in that area than myself.