Scored a slideshow

A funny little story.
When I was out walking, I met a man down from the village that I sometimes meet. We usually talk about the weather. This time he wondered a bit about my music and then it turned out that he had done a lot of slideshows before with music.
I said that I can make music for one of your slideshows in exchange for me being able to use the slide show on my YouTube channel.
Here is the result:

What was a bit difficult is that there is no real story and it is quite an abstract slideshow with a lot of trees.
It was very fun to do so I will see in the future about doing similar projects with other photographers or videographers but then be more careful with image format etc.

Genre/Style: Ambient piano

Creative Vision for the Track: To make it fit the slideshow

Main Instruments used: Pianos, strings, euphonium and synths

The sound perfectly reflects the soul of the photos!!!

Great job

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Thank you Roberto! :slight_smile: