Score the world My Submission for son of saul

this years again i have submit my work for the competition score the world
this year the video is an extract from the movie son of saul
thanks for watching


Nice Florent, could you add some creative insights into the music composition, production etc? :slight_smile:

yes of course
the main work for me is too analyse the video , i decide to divide in 3 different part
.each part has a tempo different
part 1 : 80 bpm ( prisonner walk in the forest, in the wood house, the little children and the prisonner
part 2 : 125 : german soldier arrive
part 3 : 80 bpm
i try to find a little theme but not very easy, i find a little leimotiv on the piano you can hear it when the children appears at the door
as regard the instrumentation
String : Violon 1 and viola sustain, string Ens Con sordino, Long Tremolo, pizz bartock, flautando to bring a special color at the texture, harmonic to bring tension
piccolo, flute, clarinet oboe, bass clarinet , basson all have the articulation sustain and spiccato
for the flute i use the articulation hollow that it is a lot noise and the harmonic on the basson
Trumpet, Horn solo, Horn a2, Horn a6, trombone and tuba
for trombone and horn i use the articulation cuivré to bring more dramatic color
triangle, timpani, big drum, snare drum, cymballs, crash cymballs, cymballs FX
there is also a Harp and a Piano

i start to create the main sketch on the piano, then i have started to orchestrate each part and finally synchronize with the picture ( just a little because i don’t want a disney like)

there is no additional FX, i use mainly library from spitfire audio

as regard the harmony : F minor for the half first part till the children appear, then it goes to C minor ( Cm/G, Dm/A, Fm9/C , Cm7) then it goes to D major when the Germans arrive, and go back to C minor for the end

don’t hesitate to ask me question if you want more detail

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Very nice. I like the pensiveness of your piano pattern. And I think the higher string lines worked really well. That’s a really long shot of him slowly smiling, isn’t it? Good luck in the contest!

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i think i will post the result as soon as i have it
it will be very interresting because it is very detailled